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Man I am OBSESSED with these fandoms, which is what my Gallery consists of,other than my original ocs and work:
:bulletblue: Naruto
:bulletblue:The Avengers
:bulletblue:Attack On Titan
:bulletblue:Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit
:bulletblue: Homestuck
:bulletblue: Left4Dead2
:bulletblue: Ao No Exorcist
:bulletblue: Bleach
:bulletblue: Kingdom Hearts
:bulletblue: Waruto

My Sexy Men:

Uchiha Itachi Fan Stamp by gangstergMello Stamp by SitarPlayerIXStamp: Eridan by Michiru-MewZexion stamp by SitarPlayerIXMARVEL Thor Smile Stamp by TwilightProwler I Love Thorin Stamp by Allendra3 APH-Wang Yao stamp by TokisEyeless Jack stamp (new) by akattenSirius Black - stamp by marauder-padfootGrimmjow Stamp by Blue-Eyes-GirlByakuya stamp by Blue-Eyes-Girl

Shizako Nara

CM: Shizako Height Chart by Chloeeh

Birthdate: April 17th
Gender: Female
Age: Part I:17 | Part II: 19-20
Height:165.1 cm
Weight:61.2 kg
Blood Type:AB
Occupation Part I: Anbu Black Ops Captain | Part II:Rogue Ninja/Akatsuki Subordinate
Affiliation: Konohagakure No Sato
Ninja Rank: ANBU
Academy Grad. Age:8
Chuunin Prom. Age:11
Missions Completed: 82 D-Rank| 110 C-Rank|152 B-Rank| 55 A-Rank |22 S-Rank
421 Missions in total
Stats:Ninjutsu: (4/5)| Taijutsu: (5/5)|Genjutsu: (3/5)|Intelligence: (5/5)|Strength: (3/5)|Speed: (4/5)|Stamina: (3/5)|Hand Signs: (4/5)

Total: 32
Family: Tenshi Nara(Father) | Kiyohime Nara(Mother) | Chiwahazu Nara(Elder Brother) | Ichiro,Nishiro, and Sanyo(Younger brothers) | Itachi Uchiha(Lover) | Shichisei Uchiha(future son) | Aiko Uchiha(future daughter) | Junichi and Kaori Uchiha(future twin son and daughter)
Personality: Shizako is initially a forward, energetic, and passionate person. She’s very friendly, and outgoing, confident and bold. She's generous,brave and not afraid to speak her mind. She will stand up for others,and protect them with everything she's got. She's also sarcastic and a pervert,and voices her opinion no matter who she's around. She's very awkward with romance,but can be a passionate lover when alone with her significant other.
:bulletred:Her favorite food is barbeque pork,but Ramen runs a close second.
:bulletred: Her best friend is her Ninken,Chansu
:bulletred:Shizako really loves to read and write in her spare time,and has several journals she keeps with her.
:bulletred: Shizako's nickname in the ANBU was 'The Dog' because of her personality and loyalty to her comrades.
:bulletred: Her birthday is April 17th,making her an Aries.
:bulletred: Shizako has an irrational fear of tentacles,and will freak out if she sees any,even Calamari.
:bulletred:Shizakos role model is actually her elder brother,Chiwahazu.
Shizako by Camilathemew

Shizako Nara by profdaredevilCommission for Shizako-san by MagicMaineRequest for xDHyperactive-Burito by Na0h

New project xDI will upload sketches soon! 

3 deviants said :iconohohoplz:
2 deviants said anyone open or commishes??
1 deviant said Got my hal of those double memes all sketched out xD
No deviants said or trades?
No deviants said I've been in a hardcore art mood

Britt Heathstone

Britt by profdaredevil

Complete Name:Brittany Alia Heathstone
Name Meaning:
Brittany:"One from Britain "
Alia: shortened form of "Alias"
Birthdate: April 17th
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Shapeshifter
Height:5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 145 pounds
Nickname(s): Britt,Squeakers, Fido (Only by Tony,as their relationship progresses and in an affectionate way.
Prefers above all else to be called Britt,however likes other nicknames if given by her friends.
Hair Color: Black with a red streak.
Eye Color:Brown
Skin Color: Medium
Figure: Pear
Distinguishing Features:
~Beauty mark under her left eye
~A dimple in her right cheek
~She wears glasses.
~A scar from under her chin down to the middle of her chest.
~A tattoo on her lower back of a sapphire flame.
Personal Information

Current Residence:New York City,New York
Birthtown:Los Alamos,New Mexico
Dr.Gerard Heathstone(Father,estranged)
Debra Heathstone(Mother,deceased)
Charles Heathstone (Elder brother)
:bulletgreen: Drawing
Strengths: Her senses, Agility,Being able to read others,Speed
Weaknesses: Overpowering scents,high pitched sounds,Freezing temperatures
Fears: her Father, Doctors, Syringes, Being Alone,Losing those she cares about.

Personality:friendly but slightly guarded,doesn't reveal much about herself to others Very energetic,always moving,gets excited easily. Has animalistic tendencies(mostly canine). Laid back,affable not easily stirred to anger unless pushed. Generous and very loyal.


Brittany Sena
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Why..Herro there!!

:bulletred:Full Name:Brittany Caitlin Sena
:bulletred:Nicknames: Britt,Britts,BrittSpurm,Burito,B-Dawg,Squeakers
:bulletred:Age/Birthday:22,April 17th 1992
:bulletred:Location:Las Vegas,NM, USA
:bulletred:Sexual Orientation/Status:Bisexual,Taken by :iconkaydolf:/:iconlord-waffle:

One story ends,Another begins.

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 6, 2014, 6:26 PM
  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Listening to: War Of Change- Thousand Foot Krutch
  • Reading: Naruto 700
  • Watching: Avengers:Age Of Ultron Trailer
  • Playing: Amateur Surgeon
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Eggnog

So, it appears that the series ythat got me through my childhood and into part of my adulrhood has come to a close. The last chapters have ended.and the last movie rolls out soon. But though its a sad thing for such an epic tale to end, it is also the start of a beginning. Now that I know the ending, I can finally finish and write Shizakos story,work on my waruto character and develop my  next gens. I will never EVER leave this fandom, or stop loving it, becuase in a way it has been and always will be part of my life. I kept going,even when my favorite character died, becuase I came to love all the characters(except Danzo). 
I enjoyed the last chapter, seeing the next generation of Konoha was great, and I can't wait to draw them with my babbus, though I feel sad for my lovelies who are Sasuke fangirls(bur at least there are AUs)
All in all, I will never forget,and never stop loving the best anime/manga series in the world. 
thank you Kishimoto, for bringing something so amazing into this world. 
Now off to write Path Of The Ninja C:


Price is per chapter
Gore, Lemons, Most subjects ARE accepted, note me!
Each chapter will be at LEAST  1,000 words long
Give me specific details on a storyline, if it involves your OCs be sure to provide their Bios and some pictures or a description!
I WILL do:
:bulletgreen: Gore
:bulletgreen: Lemons (+5:points:)
:bulletgreen: OC x Canon (Yes including Itachi)

I WONT do:

:bulletgreen: Bestiality 
:bulletgreen:Hating on another persons OC 
:bulletgreen: Other languages 

AT.:InuzukaTaraka:.SasuTara ~Seeking Solace~It had started as a simple mission, transporting documents to the Daiymo. Sure,they were top secret documents, but she was well suited for the mission, and so the Hokage had sent her,without a team,or a partner other than her own Ninken. The first rumble of thunder as the sky darkened was a foreboding thing, but the young ANBU captain was not to be thwarted by a little rain. However the storm intensified as she pressed on,seeming to want to make her stop.
"Tsk,we better take a break Kouiji " muttered the brunette woman as she paused on a branch, rain was falling heavily soaking her and the canine that accompanied her.  The large grey and white dog wagged his tail as if in agreement, and followed as she leapt off the tree,searching for some sort of shelter. They were still in Fire Country, a few miles outside of Komohagakure, the trees of the temperate climate providing some shelter from the sudden downpour,   and it wasn't long before Taraka spotted a cave, and entered,sittin
It was something she had always suppressed,but now it curled around the edges of her mind like a thick cloud,a chill of terror running from the top of her spine all the way to the end. Her eyes widened slightly,but she still found herself unable to see,to move,the scream of horror trapped in her throat.
It was supposed to be a simple mission.
Supposed to be,all that she had to do was return some documents over to the Sand Village. True,they were high security documents but she was an ANBU,and had been trusted with the task of getting them back safely.
Itachi had suggested her himself,seeing as he and Shisui had some clan business to attend too,and because Shizako's pent up energy was putting even the ever patient Uchiha on edge.
The thought of his name pushed the cloud of fear back,like a ray of sunlight. Her ANBU captain,mentor,best friend and lover.
She had known him since childhood but only recently managed to muster the courage to confess her true feelings t
  .:GIFT:.ItaHina~Training~The sky was steadily darkening,heavy gray clouds gathering to block the sun. A rumble of thunder echoed across the forest clearing,momentarily blocking out the sounds of Kunai and Shuriken clanking against each other  The two shinobi paused,the man kneeling on a branch while the woman placed her hands on her knees,panting slightly. Lightning flashed across the sky and the two looked up, barely flinching as rain began to pelt their faces. The man,tall and raven haired with velvet black eyes and pale skin jumped nimbly from the branch and strode calmly up to the woman.
"You are improving,Hinako-san"his voice was soft,deep,his eyes showing no expression but his lip twitching slightly. The young woman bowed,she had long navy blue hair and bright sky blue eyes.
"Thank you,Itachi-san"
For a moment the two stood in silence,then Itachi looked over at Hinako.
"Let's go inside....I think that's enough training for today"
"ok!" she agreed"Can we have some dango when we get back?"
The faintes
Avengers:ThorBritt:.~Clarity~ by Ninja-Burito
Gift.:LuckiiNana:. ItaRini ~Hold Me Close~ by Ninja-Burito
Naruto.:Shizako:.~Road To Ninja~ by Ninja-Burito
Price for a single character, colored and shaded,plus a background 

Extra characters are +10:points:
.:Waruto:.~And Then what happened?~ by Ninja-Burito .:Waruto:.~Takeshi Uchiha~ by Ninja-Burito .:Waruto:.Aiko Uchiha:Official Reference by Ninja-Burito .:Waruto:. So much for a relaxing nap.... by Ninja-Burito 

Price is fora single,colored and shaded picture 
Extra Characters +5:points:
Traditional pictures are 10:points:cheaper
Reference Sheets= 50:points:


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