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Digital Art Waruto
Digitally colored picture of your characters in Waruto (which belongs to :iconrussiankunoichi:)

BGs are free. 

Price is for all types shown above,including ref sheets. 

Extra characters are +10:points:
Digital Art Fullbody
AT.:ItaSasu2002:.~Evening Training~ by Ninja-Burito
AT.:Coringo-shade:.Hitachi Uchiha ~Blue Bird ~ by Ninja-Burito
Digitally colored Fullbody art of your character (s)
Rules are the same as for the half-body. 
Digital Art Half-Body
Naruto.: AU:. ~The Uchiha Brood~ by Ninja-Burito
NarutoNG.:TheLast:.~Shichisei Uchiha~ by Ninja-Burito
NarutoNG.:The Future Is Bright:. by Ninja-Burito
Naruto.: Gift:.~The Gentle Raven~ by Ninja-Burito
Digitally colored half-body of your character/characters. 

Backgrounds are free.

Extra characters are free for the first four , +5 for anything more. 

Can do poses/fighting scens/NSFW. 
Traditional Art Colored
Naruto.:ItaShiza:.~Here with You~ by Ninja-Burito
.:NarutoOC:.Chiwahazu Nara by Ninja-Burito
.:I Choose You!:. by Ninja-Burito
Traditional art colored with colored pencil and marker  

Can be half body or full body 

Couple pictures are +5:points: 

BGs are an additional +4:points:
Traditional Art Sketch
.:Naruto:.~Father and Daughter~ by Ninja-Burito
W.i.p Hush little one by Ninja-Burito
.:NNG:.Tasori~Sexy And I Know It~ by Ninja-Burito
.:ItaShiza:.~One More Night~ by Ninja-Burito
Just a quick pencil sketch of your character(s) 

Can be half/fullbody/headshot 

Pen inked is free 

Digital line art is +10:points:

More than three characters is +5:points: every extra character
Traditional Art Manga Style Comics/Manga Panels
Naruto.: Eternal Tsukoyomi:.~Shizakos Dream~ by Ninja-Burito
A scene of your OCs done in copic marker. Manga panels are typically two or three panels, Comics cane be up to six. Please specify dialogue, poses and the scenes you'd like to see. 

Extra characters are free for the first 4, every character after is +5:points: 

Addittional panels are +50 :points:

Addittional comic pages are +100:points: 

I WILL do NSFW for this, we will discuss pricing in notes. 
Traditional Commission Manga Style Half-Body
Naruto.: Shippuden:. ~Shizas Cloak ~ by Ninja-Burito
Naruto.:Shippuden:.~Light Em Up!~ by Ninja-Burito
Traditional art done in with a black copic marker. Extra characters are +5:points: 
Base Commission- Normal
CM.:TasoMiki:.~This is my Girlfriend~ by Ninja-Burito
AT.:GoogleAmazon:.~Gotcha!~ by Ninja-Burito
CM4.:SasuTara:.~Goodbye isn't forever~ by Ninja-Burito
Naruto700.:ShizaKaori:~Mother and Daughter~ by Ninja-Burito
Again I will do anything,Multiple characters are OK. If you want a screenshot please specify,also specify if you want a specific scene or pose. 
Base Commission NSFW Couple
I will do any pairing as long as its within reason(i.e no ridiculous OC's with super crazy hair or 30 arms). You can choose the base, or I'll choose it for you. 

Comic scenes are an extra 50:points:
Naruto Shippuden Character Profile
.:Shizako Nara:.~Shippuden Profile~ by Ninja-Burito
Price is less if I'm using your own pictures. 

Drawings will include (1) Fullbody, (1 or 2) Half-Bodies, and (4) pictures with a bg, these can be fighting poses, couple poses or your younger OC. I will also Upload the full version of each picture I draw for this.

Shizako Nara

Birthdate: April 17th
Gender: Female
Age: Part I:17 | Part II: 19-20
Height:165.1 cm
Weight:61.2 kg
Blood Type:AB
Occupation Part I: Anbu Black Ops Captain | Part II:Rogue Ninja/Akatsuki Subordinate
Affiliation: Konohagakure No Sato
Ninja Rank: ANBU
Academy Grad. Age:8
Chuunin Prom. Age:11
Missions Completed: 82 D-Rank| 110 C-Rank|152 B-Rank| 55 A-Rank |22 S-Rank
421 Missions in total
Stats:Ninjutsu: (4/5)| Taijutsu: (5/5)|Genjutsu: (3/5)|Intelligence: (5/5)|Strength: (3/5)|Speed: (4/5)|Stamina: (3/5)|Hand Signs: (4/5)

Total: 32
Family: Tenshi Nara(Father) | Kiyohime Nara(Mother) | Chiwahazu Nara(Elder Brother) | Ichiro,Nishiro, and Sanyo(Younger brothers) | Itachi Uchiha(Lover) | Shichisei Uchiha(future son) | Aiko Uchiha(future daughter) | Junichi and Kaori Uchiha(future twin son and daughter)
Personality: Shizako is initially a forward, energetic, and passionate person. She’s very friendly, and outgoing, confident and bold. She's generous,brave and not afraid to speak her mind. She will stand up for others,and protect them with everything she's got. She's also sarcastic and a pervert,and voices her opinion no matter who she's around. She's very awkward with romance,but can be a passionate lover when alone with her significant other.
:bulletred:Her favorite food is barbeque pork,but Ramen runs a close second.
:bulletred: Her best friend is her Ninken,Chansu
:bulletred:Shizako really loves to read and write in her spare time,and has several journals she keeps with her.
:bulletred: Shizako's nickname in the ANBU was 'The Dog' because of her personality and loyalty to her comrades.
:bulletred: Her birthday is April 17th,making her an Aries.
:bulletred: Shizako has an irrational fear of tentacles,and will freak out if she sees any,even Calamari.
:bulletred:Shizakos role model is actually her elder brother,Chiwahazu.
Shizako by Camilathemew

Shizako Nara by profdaredevilCommission for Shizako-san by MagicMaineRequest for xDHyperactive-Burito by Na0h

Anybody interested in pairing their OCs with these boys? 

2 deviants said Ichigo(glasses) is the leader, he's brave and smart
1 deviant said .:NarutoOcs:. Ichigo,Nishiro and Sanyo Nara by Ninja-Burito Shizakos triplet brothers. They are in Sasukes/Narutos age group
No deviants said Nishiro(hair covering right side) is a fighter(hence the bandages) he likes to get stronger and improve in his abilities
No deviants said Sanyo(hair covering the left) is sweet but a prankster. He's shy around girls and covers it up by pranking them.


OC Appreciation

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 12:05 PM
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Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

Wow, ok so I guess there's a blog out there hating on some awesome OCs and their owners just because I suppose they feel like it. Honestly these trolls just seem to be jealous of the imagination and art/writing skills of these ladies. Why does 60% of the Naruto Fandom gotta be full of idiots? honestly, no one is an expert and you don't see Masashi Kishimoto attacking peoples characters. Leave well enough alone, like any grown adult would, seriously. 

These people that they're attacking? I see them a lot on here, guaranteed since I've been here for about 9-10 years I've seen them since they began to pop up.And I've rooted for them, and I've supported them. I might now have money to commission them but goddamn all their art is a joy.

This Fandom? it needs to grow up! I did, why can't anyone else? support and offer constructive criticism, don't go bashing OCs ESPECIALLY when there's nothing wrong with them. A little love goes a long way people! and instead of being jealous? make your own OC,practice drawing don't just anonymously go on tumblr to throw barbs at someone else.

I just wanted to feature the lovely ladies, who in no way shape of form deserve these attacks. They are all really awesome! lets show them our appreciation ,neh?

Britt is over and out!:heart:


:iconlhamarela: Fight together by lhamarela  Double trouble by lhamarela 

:iconkingmonstarr:Oh Sweet Bae by KingMonstarr  Blow A Kiss, Fire The Gun by KingMonstarr 

:icontsukihii:Angry Baby by Tsukihii You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? by Tsukihii 

:iconhatakehime: Seasoned Just How You Like It by HatakeHime Kakashi and Shirahime by HatakeHime 

:iconkeelita:INFO A new love / A beautiful past by Keelita La sonrisa de tu Madre - DeiLauAya by Keelita

:iconisaddesu: Be my valentine by Isaddesu NEW HARUMI RTN by Isaddesu 

These three sisters, as I understand were attacked for their art? don't listen, you guys draw EPICLY!

:iconskygiratina00: Naruto OC- Sachiya by SkyGiratina00 Don't do it again,or I will... by SkyGiratina00 

:iconknilzy95:... Icha Icha ... by knilzy95 Me by knilzy95

:iconkm92:BiB - Things Keep Geting Awkward by Km92 Our paths are crossing here by Km92 

and last,but not least :iconerifab: 

E'ricko||Warm by EriFab  E'ricko||I can hear violins, violins by EriFab 


Much love and support to all of you! Don't let the haters drag you down, you're all great people!


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United States
Why..Herro there!!

:heart:ItaShiza HappyStamp by wilnaahThorBritt HappyStamp by wilnaah:heart:

:bulletred:Full Name:Brittany Caitlin Sena
:bulletred:Nicknames: Britt,Britts,BrittSpurm,Burito,B-Dawg,Squeakers
:bulletred:Age/Birthday:22,April 17th 1992
:bulletred:Location:Las Vegas,NM, USA
:bulletred:Sexual Orientation/Status:Bisexual,Taken by :iconkaydolf:/:iconlord-waffle:


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