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        HomeStuck Troll OC Character Info:




Screen Name:

Typing Style:

Zodiac Sign:

Strife Specibi(Weapon):


Fetch Modus(If they have one):









Blood Color:

Just a little template I made for everybody with Troll OCs XD Please feel free to use and enjoy! And link me your finished template XDD

Homestuck(C)Andrew Hussie
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Masterofdisgise Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Student Artist
whoops forgot to put starts fires when mad and nerves
Masterofdisgise Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Student Artist
name: killireth
title: the gas masked lunatic
age: 18
screen name: crazed person
typing style: messy and sometimes there spelled incorrectly
zodiac sign: Aries
strife specibi (weapon): fireaxe, Molotov, and a home made flamethrower.
relations: Miya- none (my other oc I have three of them)
nester- none
fetch modus(if they have one): none
planet: earth
music: none
likes: Fires, modifying weapons, the color blue and the smell of smoke
hates: water, alcohol, and called a monster.
 bio: killireth is a mostly seen as a monster because of what he loves to do, burn things. but to be honest all he really wants to do is make friends but he doesn't know how and gets really nerves when it comes to making them doesn't help him ether when some one sees him and runs from him. other than that he has a short temper.
personality: little bit crazy, shy, short tempered, and nice
ancestor: none
luscus/kernelsprite: none
blood color: darkish red
outfit: black jeans with a blue shirt being covered up by his black jacket with hood up and a black gasmask on with sneakers on
C-omicalSans Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  New Deviant
Just need to tell you something, a troll doesn't necessarily have to have a Zodiac sign for a symbol. Trolls' symbols mainly revolve around stars, constellations and such.
MeosMcat Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Here is mine for one of the characters:…
PieInTheSky06 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015

Hello, I'm new to creating OC's and such and I was wondering whether my first OC was up to standards and was following the systems of HomeStuck and such, thanks so much for letting me use this! I used a few templates and things from online just for guidelines and help.
Eagbet Vadras

Thief of Space

7.6 Alternian Solar Sweeps

Screen Name:

Typing Style:
As she is linguistic she will randomly break into another language when typing. (e.g. Hey Gam Gam, お元気ですか?)

Zodiac Sign:
The Chinese symbol for twins as she is a linguistic troll her sign is of a different language and she is a Gemini, meaning two

Strife Specibi(Weapon):
You wield the wrenchKind specibus and have combined your Monkey Wrench with your Creepy Figurine and Bouncy Ball to create your awesome weapon


Moirail- Falcor Ahvili (Another OC)

Matesprit- None

Auspistice- None

Kismesis- None

Fetch Modus(If they have one):
In order to retrieve any item you need to eat the slice of the pie on the pie chart, always steamed and ready to eat. Hopefully you won't go berserk and captchalogue cars constantly in order to eat huge slices of pie

Land of Age and Frogs


Languages, adventures, sketching, video games, the indoors, being immature, eating pies, baking pies, looking at pies, sea creatures and scalemates

The outdoors, sports, people who laugh when they talk, not eating pies, not baking pies, not looking at pies

Chosen by her Lusus, Nilakanta, as a wriggler, Eagbet grew as a Cerulean blooded troll meaning she is in the high caste of land-dwellers. She later built a hive with her Lusus, and the Imperial Drones, far away from most civilisation and lived in peace. Miss Vadras found her hobbies and quirks over several sweeps of being hatched. Now standing at 6”3 the beautiful young troll living with her strange ways and new companions (Moirail and friends).
When you meet Eagbet she will seem as a shy and quiet troll, but as you become closer she will be full of beans all the time. She is a hyper and loud troll when she wants to be and will laugh at very immature things. She is immature, linguistic, adventurous, relatively lazy, funny, she thinks she is higher and more important than people she hates and she is quite intelligent. A unknown trait of Eagbet is that she can get a little murderous at times, mostly when she needs to, but she doesn’t murder ALL the time.

The Phonemic

Eagbet’s Lusus is a murderous, giant flying eel named Nilakanta (NIH-LAH-KAN-TA), meaning “blue-throated”, whom soars through the skies. Nilakanta has four eyes, relating to Eagbet’s ‘double nature’ for she is a Gemini. She refers to her Lusus as ‘Eelmom’. Nilakanta is a ‘sea creature’ as you might call her because of Eagbet’s blood’s closeness to the water-dwellers

Blood Colour:
Cerulean, high caste of land-dwellers

A black knee-length dress with white collar and her Zodiac sign in the colour of her blood in the middle, light blue socks and cerulean blue running shoes.

PsiClaus4 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
change the sign. its better when you dont use the zodiac, but a different star sign, alchemy symbol, etc.
ZexHex976 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ninja-Burito Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem
iiRosebuds Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015   Artist
o-o May I use this?
Ninja-Burito Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure you can!
iiRosebuds Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015   Artist
Thx for letting me use it
Ninja-Burito Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
pf course c:
iiRosebuds Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015   Artist
lsbeoLeobastardxD Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Name: Alvena Gabler

Title: Maid of rage

Age: 6 sweeps

Screen Name: Wavingpardox

Typing Style: ~S()~h()w~y()u d()ing~im~d()ing~fine

Zodiac Sign: Twisted flower (something like waves but with a line going threw it)

Strife Specibi(Weapon): Bookkind

Relations: None

Fetch Modus(If they have one): None

Planet: Land of jewls and wood

Music: ()909())n)o)p_e

Likes: Math,running,dolls,

Hates: Making dolls,walking,smoke,sharpies


Personality: Very Bi-polar,normally just very cocky,rarely grumpy,lazy

Ancestor: The london runner


Blood Color: Bronze

Outfit:        Blue jacket,black tank-top,black joggers,3 bracelets
IceFeather9110 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Just as a note, should there be a place to choose Prospit/Derse, or d you expect us to put that in the planet section?
CamelConstructions Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Name: Einria 

Title: Maid of Blood (get it?)

Age: 7 sweeps

Screen name: realisticBird (I couldn't think of anything else)

Typing style: Ch@ng3s th3 v0w3ls: a=@, e=3, i=!, o=0, u=^

Sign: triangle with a curved line though it

Strife Specibus: Claykind

Relations: Matesprite: Luckey Zolden (fantroll) Morail: Demara (fantroll)

Fetch modus: Tetris Modus (operates by assigning each item you captchalogue in its own tetris block, which you'll place anywhere in the space you have in the modus. The more items you captchalogue, the more space fills up in your tetris-block inventory. Once you fill an entire row of tetris blocks, you can use any item in that row, or uncaptchalogue everything in the row all at once. You can also start over, however that will eject every item you've ever captchalogued. The game will start over automatically if you exceed the inventory limit.)

Planet: Land of Portals and Dreams

Music: ???

Likes: Drawing, sculpting, causing mischief, being around friends, being random, TETRIS

Hates: People hating her, conflict, whining, being under pressure

Bio: Still working on that

Personality: She is very friendly and can usually be found with her Matesprite or Morail or sorting out some sort of conflict. When someone doesn't like her she will do almost anything she can to get them to like her. 

Ancestor: The Assassin

Lusus: looks like a tyrannosaurus rex

Blood color: The crapy yellow green in the crayola box

Outfit: blood color shirt with her sign in black and black jean shorts
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youngshelby Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015   Artist
((yes I will review your OC))

My Homestuck Troll OC 

Name:  Luna  ((Haha! she's not a troll if she was then she would have a 6X6 name))

Title:  Mistress of Water and Sound  ((I'm pretty sure it's referring to her god tier title))

Age: 6 sweeps (or 13 in human years)

Screen Name: solarPotato  ((does it have anything to do with her symbol?))

Typing Style: words with numbers ( h0w ar3 y0u m8 ) ((it should relate to her symbol))

Zodiac Sign: Neo (a red music sign with water bubbles around it) ((that's not possible it should be her blood color and it should only be one of those two)) 

Strife Specibi(Weapon): None (can sing a song that can do different things to them) ((no that is bad))

Relations: None

Fetch Modus(If they have one):  none yet.

Planet: Earth ((okay two things 1. it's probable related to the game universe and not the outer planets, 2. it wouldn't be Earth seeing as the game destroyed Earth))

Music:  All ((no, they can't like all music they have to have a little music, and it's probably related to her theme song))

Likes: Water, Music, Friends, Rain,  ((y-your OC is FYAFT levels of bad))

Hates: Being Lonely, Storms, Spiders ((but if she likes rain then she should like storms))

doesn't remember past but all she remembers is being transported from a land of purple and blue to Earth ((this is so bad))

Personality: Kind, Swimmer, Musician with the violin, Sweet, Loving, Jokester (("swimmer" isn't a personality it's a hobi, loving is the same thing as kind, you put two hobbies in a personality thing))

Ancestor: dosen't know ancestor's name but she has one ((you should still say who her ancestor is))

Luscus/Kernelsprite: her luscus is a swan in human terms ((it should relate to her symbol))

Blood Color: Neon Blue ((that is not a possible blood color, and she would be culled for being a mutant))

Outfit:   has a dark gray leather jacket. pink hair dye on the bottom of her hair, always wears headphones around neck, has purple shirt, one blue and one dark purple on one side of her pants ((she CAN'T have hair dye of a higher blood color, she would have a BLACK shirt, she can only ware a higher blood color if she's in a relationship with her))
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Ninja-Burito Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! Thanks for using!
JkkLoli Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Diana Fussii

Title: Thief of Hope

Age: 6 sweeps or 13 in human terms.

Screen Name: paternalNeophyte

Typing Style: ey BaBy! Le7's go swimming!

Zodiac Sign: Bootes, a question mark like sing, but without the dot.

Strife Specibi(Weapon): Axekind

Relations: None.

Fetch Modus(If they have one): Pictionary

Planet: Land of Light and Glass

Music: Pop and Dubstep

Likes: Making others happy, Swimming, And the color BLUE!!

Hates: Heights, and quiet places.

Bio: Nope.

Personality: Happy and Excited! Can sometimes be a tad angry, and annoying to her Kismesis, and some certain trolls.

Ancestor: The Resister

Luscus/Kernelsprite: Her lusus is a CatfishMom, which swims with her in the ocean.

Blood Color: Fuschia

Outfit: A black t-shirt with her sign, and she tends to wear a knee-length Fuschia skirt, with her black shoes, her left horn can go straight up, while the other is straight then curves kinda like a ?.
Mittyepresses Featured By Owner Edited Jun 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Name:  Mimeri Nereye

Title: Sylph of Mind

Age: 6 Sweeps

Screen Name: Undecided. Any ideas? 

Typing Style:  D= D~ I= I-. Same goes with lowercases, proper grammar but bad spelling.

Zodiac Sign: Cygnus, the sawn.

Strife Specibi(Weapon): Undecided.

Relations: Undecided.

Fetch Modus(If they have one): Undecided.

Planet: Undecided.

Music: Calm music, intrusmentals

Likes: Helping people out, her lusus, animals of any kind, 

Hates: Coming off as annoying or stupid, fashion.

Bio:  Nah.

Personality: She can come off as annoying and stupid, but people sometimes turn to her for help.

Ancestor: Undecided

Lusus/Kernelsprite:  A double-headed swan with 4 eyes and 4 wings.

Blood Color: Olive.

Outfit:A olive-colored hoodie with a black shirt with her sign underneath, grey pants, short hair thats pointed on the end, her eyes are normal eyes, her lashes are just a bit pointed. She also has a sharp-tooth sticking out of her mouth. Her horns, one is curled and one is pointing this way >

tragedysfang Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
Name:  Storm Hunter

Title: which of space

Age: 16

Screen Name: darkhuntress

Typing Style: l1k3 th1s m4b3

Zodiac Sign: unknown

Strife Specibi(Weapon): claw kind

Relations: none

Fetch Modus(If they have one): file modus

Planet: alternia

Music: all

Likes: drawing,music,sleep,food,fighting

Hates: judgement,deceit, 

Bio: storm was raised in open forestry area,she made friends with equius and nepeta,a bit shy with the others,but has also taken kindly to Rose and kanaya

Personality: shy with others,may also come off as cold hearted,she is very sweet and lusus like to her trusted friends

Ancestor: dark assassin

Luscus/Kernelsprite: Her Lusus is a big lion in human terms

Blood Color: violet

Outfit:     a coal black hoodie,coal black pants,shoes,gloves,and scarf that covers her mouth and nose, her hoodie covers her black hair that is always in a ponytail,her horns look like cat ears,she also has a black tail,her glasses are black rimmed,her eyes also cat like
IceFeather9110 Featured By Owner May 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
MiniCuteness Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Ok how many sweeps equal 1 yrs for the troll
estrelx Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You might find this useful ^^
MiniCuteness Featured By Owner May 31, 2015  Student Digital Artist
estrelx Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
no problemo !
GoldyAndTheWarriors Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eeehhhh totally doing his but I have nutting for the name O .o
MimickingHimHiccupin Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Hobbyist
( This will definitely help you with the name)
GoldyAndTheWarriors Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohh this was old, I have a name
It follows all the standards n stuff ^-^
MimickingHimHiccupin Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Hobbyist
Yea, I thought it might be. I just wanted to help just in case, along with if anybody else needed help with a name. ^^
GoldyAndTheWarriors Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eee thanks. <3
Tolvero Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Saltbae Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Ended up making a huge thing with all my trolls in it so here is the journal entry (There is a part one and part two)…
IAMABBYQUINN Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
used theus at… thnks Nod :happybounce: Beating Heart Emote (Free to Use) 
Black-Raven19 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Well I'm new with the Homestuck Fandom so... hopefully I did this right ^^"

Name: Miliah Zukahi

Title: Witch of Hope

Age: 6.8 sweeps

Screen Name: CombatPhantom (CP)

Typing Style: Separates letters with arrows ---> all letters are capital except for the last letter (H--->E--->L--->L--->o)

Zodiac Sign: Orion

Strife Specibi(Weapon): Dual wielding swordkind

Relations: Terezi (flushed crush) really the only troll she talks to, 
mostly she's been interested with her odd flirty behavior and rather enjoys hearing about some of her past 'trials' and just thinks that she is deserving to talk to her, not to mention Terezi doesn't mind her douchy, boisterous attitude. She occasionally talks to Vriska and Gamzee but they are little more than mere acquaintances 

Fetch Modus: Slash modus: Has to the slash 
sylladex with her swords to get an item

Planet: Planet of Metal and Magma (MILOVUS)

Music: Game boss battle soundtracks, war songs, hard rock

Likes: Combat, katanas, being with others, always being on top, being the center of attention, being right, collecting guns, war history

Hates: Cold weather, silence, being alone, being scared, lectures, long waits, monochrome atmospheres, being stuck in one place, small spaces, being corrected, criticism

Bio: She once lived in a post apocalyptic world caused by a kind of nuclear war (not earth), but her lusus soon moved her thinking that that world wasn't safe for her, this is how she became interested in war and combat, she also collected abandoned weapons before she left and now has a huge collection of guns, when she arrived on the metallic planet (it was the closest and seemingly the safest) and she made two swords with scraps of metal mostly because she researched swords seeing that they lasted way longer than guns, as she grew, she became lonely and her lusus never said anything, making him 
useless to talk to, and never let her travel to other planets which made her become restless, so she tried to connect with someone else and soon began talking with Terezi, and she now stays in her room most of the day chatting with her crush on Pesterlog and when and Terezi isn't available, and Miliah is deathly bored she sometimes chats with Gamzee and Vriska, while wishing her lusus will one day let her be independent and travel to meet those trolls and her crush

Personality: She is very arrogant toward anyone she comes in contact with, acting as if she is some kind of god child and thinks many are beneath her except for a selected few, she always thinks she is right even when she is completely wrong and becomes angry when people try to correct her or say that she isn't better than anyone, 
she thinks she can beat any kind of monster single handedly but in the end she is a huge scaredy cat and usually retreats from a fight, or begs for mercy if her opponent overpowers her, she is also extremely reckless and jumps in before any thought is considered but thats also because she is extremely impatient, she is also adventurous and outgoing and is always wanting to travel but her lusus never lets her which makes her restless.

Ancestor: The Fallen Warrior

Lusus/Kernelsprite: Medium sized German Shepard looking dog with wings that wears army dog tags

Blood Color: Aquamarine

Outfit: Torn black crop top with camouflage army pants, that her Luscus stole, and brown combat boots  
giannawolflover123 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Student Artist

Used the template and I have to say, this actually helped me :3
Delta-II Featured By Owner Edited Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
whew. after reading homestuck a bit i decided to create an oc. then to figure him out better using this. but i have no idea if im doing this well ;___;

Name: Delta (not his actual, all troll names are six lettered, but he refuses to use his real name or even reveal it to anyone) Matias
Title: the thief of doom
Age: a bit less than 8 sweeps. he seems much older than he is though.
Screen Name: selfdestructiveViking (SV)
Typing Style: separates all the words with dots, ends a sentence with three of these. uses capital letters only when he writes about something/someone he respects. also overuses the word "f*ck". it's fairly easy to understand him
Zodiac Sign: virgo (but the symbol on his shirt is of course the capital delta letter, with two lines next to it)
Strife Specibi(Weapon): axekind

Relations: doesn't want to associate with pretty much anyone (cause he doesn't want to bother them); is moirail with one troll (of course a non canon one)

Fetch Modus(If they have one): array modus that someone left in the human book he found; he found some way to modify it so he can weaponize it

Planet: land of lightning and mist
Music: something like metal; hella aggressive
Likes: not many things. reading one human book about Scandinavian mythology that he found when he was younger, playing games, sometimes drawing; also computers are fascinating to him. there's one thing he absolutely loves... cats!
Hates: himself. he doesn't mind anyone else; it's not like he hates everything in the universe.
Bio: he happens to not remember his past well; but surely it was a little tough, and in result of some things that happened he really dislikes (not hates though) the high blood trolls. he probably experienced something bad from them and that could also cause his low self esteem.
Personality: quiet. when he has to talk, he mainly complains 'bout how bad is it to be him. Or keeps repeating the stories written in his lovely book. seems to be intelligent, but his self-hate hides it really well. his mood swings rapidly and sometimes he fails to control his anger; he always regrets these moments very much and apologizes the "victims". but he keeps forgetting and doing the same things again.
Ancestor: unknown
Luscus/Kernelsprite: an eight-legged lynx
Blood Color: something between green and blue (way closer to green). i have no idea how this colour is named
Outfit: simple black t-shirt with his symbol, dark gray "camo" pants and massive black boots

tried to draw him before to clarify his look better... kind of…
IceFeather9110 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
teal. Nice pic btw!
ThePirateCat78 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 1, 2015  Student Artist
This is very silly. Gonna do it anyway.

Name:  Iliara Zepfos (ILL-e-ARA ZEP-fos)

Title:  Thief of Heart

Age: 6 sweeps

Screen Name: fatalStrike (FS)

Typing Style: tyPES haLF tHE woRD iN caPS liKE thIS

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Strife Specibi(Weapon): Pickaxe

Relations: None, she lives far away from the rest of society

Fetch Modus: Presicion Modus. Every time she wants to get an item from her sylladex she has to strike a specific point of the card with her pickaxe.

Planet: Land of Isolation and Tears (LOIAT)

Likes: Gaming, playing with dead birds, leaving people alone (not being a nuisance), practicing with her fetch modus, drawing outlines of dead birds on the ground, swinging her pickaxe at the back of her hive

Hates: Meeting people, her lusus screaming (it knocks her out cold)

Bio: Low self esteem. Wouldn't say she enjoys being alone, just that she prefers not bothering others. She gets the feeling no one likes her because she's "annoying" and "disgusting". She lives in a hive which is basically just a gap in the side of a cliff that her lusus covered up with sticks, rocks and vines stuck together with mud. Spends lots of time in extremely dim light and sets traps on the cliff face to trap unsuspecting birds and insects.

Personality: Again, low self esteem. Doesn't talk to anyone unless she has to and often begins conversations with "i'M soRRY i haVE tO botHER yOU wiTH mY exisTANCE". Kills time by checking her traps, gaming, playing with birds and fucking around with her pickaxe. Also being unconscious. There's a lot of that. Her lusus screams and knocks her out a lot. Constantly tired due to irregular slime baths.

Luscus/Kernelsprite: Birdlike creature that lives in the roof. Accessed by a stairway of sorts, though it's mostly just a stone structure with hand and footholds.

Blood Color: Yellow

Outfit:  Basic-looking shirt, pants and shoes.
musicnote9001 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
name: luna blant
title: maid of brath
age: 6 sweeps
screen name: lonleyMoon 
typing style: h e l l o  t h e r e  :}
zodiac sign: moon 
strife specibi: blue staf
relations: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
fetch modus:????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
planet: land of night and angles
music: calm and relaxing and piano
likes: gamzee music drawing singing chating with friends
hates: vriska yelling haters being called names annoying trolls vriska vriska and vriska 
bio: ( im thinking )
personality: careing nice not really mad sometime social never tells a lie
ancestor: the moon (its her name she is not really the moon...)
luscus: griffon mom
blood color: light blue 
outfit: black shirt blue long skirt

the end 
PandaPlaysMC Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a good start to a fantroll, I just want to point out some things that you should fix

-Her name, ALL trolls (All of them) have a six-letter name and last name, and try to make it more exotic, since this they ARE aliens

-"lonleyMoon" that really isn't the most creative and is most likely get hate. Not to mention it isn't spelled correctly (Also, try to edge some points of her away from anything related to the "Moon", again not being the most creative)

-Her Sign is a Moon, please change that because that's the sign of either a Derse or Prospit dreamer

-Her ancesestor, Ancestor names usually range around 8 letters to 10 letters I believe, be a little more creative! An example would be Fantroll's ancestor, "The Puppeteir"

-If her blood color is "Light blue" she is most likely a mutant, so add some background to her like: "How did she survive the breeding caves", "What does she do so she doesn't get culled" stuff like that

-If she IS a mutant, she wouldn't want to show off her blood color....because then she would be found and culled (killed)

-Why does she hate Vriska so much?

-Why is she attracted to Gamzee?

-Fetch Modus means what Fetch Modus does she use and what is it.

-Relations mean like "Matesprit, Moirail, Auspitice, Kismesis" things like that

-Does she have any quadrants filled? I have a fantroll that needs some filled if you want.
Theanimeangel Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014
Name: Wintra Frosre
Title: Heir of Life
Age: 6 sweeps
Screen name: wintersChild
Typing style:
Sign: Snowflake.
Strife Specibi: Fightingfankinds (two fighting fans)
Relations: friends with non-Canon trolls.
Fetch modus: journal modus
(Their are 16 cards, when collected the item turns into writing. If theirs too much, a random item's word is 'erased' and the item is discarded, the only way to access it is to open the page with a code)
Planet: Alternia/Prospit/Land of Flowers, and Night.
Music: Christmas Carols, and Pop.
Likes: Playing in the snow, cooking/baking, sewing/knitting, and drawing.
Hates: too much heat.
Bio: lived in the snowy mountains with her Polarbearmom, and her Lusus' tribe, she usually gathered someone berries, hunted rabbits, and fished in the ice rivers. Her Lusus and tribe died in an avalanche, she escaped after her lusus scarificed itself to save her, she was upset but she moved on after meeting her friends, they started playing SGRUB, and ended up living on one planet together to hide from the destruction.
Personality: Very calm person, she is mysterious and cold to those who aren't her friends, she is tough and a very good fighter, she is quiet and stubborn and a hard worker. She is also very stealthy, so it helps when she wants to do a sneak-attack against imps or something.
Ancestor: the Snow Mage
Lusus: Polarbearmom.
Blood color: Light blue (an in-between between Blue and Teal)
Outfit: black turtle-neck with sign that has sleeves that go past her fingers, the sweater goes to the top of her thighs, she then wears black pants, black boots, and she wears black oval glasses.
SpikeyMacksy Featured By Owner May 23, 2015
Typing style:
That took me forever to read.
toxicskull1710 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
This doesnt reall help i mean there is more stuff included in making a troll like matesprit,quirk,kissmisses etc
emokirby123 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Zodiac Sign doesn't work, they symbols on their shirts are just symbols of their blood color.
It should be replaced with just, Sign:

Other then that, very good OC sheet.
baselover4 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Amandathehedgehog95 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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October 25, 2011
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